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Multiethnic Village and Indigenous life style Experiences

A space for cultural integration, the Multiethnic Village (Aldeia Multiétnica), established in 2007, promotes interactivity between indigenous groups from different ethnic groups with the general public. Throughout the first half of July, during the week before the Meeting of Cultures, the Village ensures a space for prose circles, craft workshops, photographic exhibitions, body painting and film screenings. Issues related to territory, to the maintenance of indigenous culture,  education, health and public policies are emphasized in debates which involve the leaders of the indigenous people and government representatives.

Installed on the banks of the São Miguel River and intersected by the mountains of Chapada dos Veadeiros, the Multiethnic Village is like a portal to the indigenous world. The event has received over 20 different ethnic groups, from different regions of Brazil, as well as representatives of indigenous villages from outside of Brazil. Among them are the Kayapó, the Yawalapiti the Krahô the Fulni-ô, the Kariri Xocó, the Xavante and Kaxinawá. Everybody comes into direct contact with the customs, traditions and ways of life of the indigenous people who are present..

At least two living experiences with different indigenous groups are organised during the year outside the official program of the Multiethnic Village. Here the participants are incorporated into the dynamics and the daily life of a village, living among leaders, shamans, artisans, farmers, youth, men, women and indigenous children. The experience offers general historical, cultural and social knowledge of the invited ethnic and indigenous people, as well as language, cuisine, medicine and traditional craft classes.


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