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Moacir Farias

Moacir is the most renouned artist fromthe Chapada dos Veadeiros region and is known Globally. He is precious, self-taught, and brings vivid colours to the savannah. His paintings portray his colorful and intense imagination, which is populated by animals, people, saints and demons. It depicts what he sees and what he saw on the dirt-roads of São. Jorge, where he was born and has lived all of his life. Moacir's contribution to the Casa de Cultura Cavaleiro de Jorge is immeasurable. His art is intrinsic to the work and history of the institution, it brings color to its essence. All posters of the Meeting of Cultures are illustrated with the works of the artist, as are many of the walls of the headquarters.

Born and raised in the village, he is the son of Seu Domingos Farias, former prospector, and Dona Maria, a housewife, who are both deceased. Since he was a young boy, Moacir lived in his own universe. During childhood, he hid from people and when he went out into the streets, he would cover his face and body with cloths. If someone visited, he ran into the bushes. The word in the village was that he was crazy, schizophrenic, which only got worse when he began to portray the villagers characters on walls and posts everywhere.

In the beginning, he painted on rocks, logs and cardboard, whereever he found  space, using charcoal and ink that he made from the fruit of the Cerrado. Due to back problems, he doesn't create as much as he used to. But inspiration still visits him, and is transformed into art, whether it be on paintings, walls, posts, leaves or paper.

Art in different dimensions

Moacir's house is a studio where there are paintings  all over the place and on the walls. On the outside, the images also color the entire entrance. It is sometimes made into a panel, recycled from time to time by the artist. In exposed and hidden boxes, which he brings out every once in awhile to whoever is fortunate enough to earn his trust, are photos of his works, which he takes himself, as well as  scientific theses on his work, which he is only able to admire, never having learned to read or write.

The visual language of Moacir's art is packed with symbolisms. Some characters are repeated in the paintings. Women with open legs, buttocks, breasts, explicit sex. Saints, characters from the popular imagination and of Goiás' cerrado. Little devils are also painted all over the village and they are striking figures in São Jorge's landscape. They are a form of provocation, to make people think, according to him. In the city, the people thought that he had stopped painting them, but he started again after his home was vandalized with graffiti.

Moacir is a man with a brilliant and greatly pure mind. He is one of those who say that they do not know anything, but they know a lot. If you are lucky, he will like you, open the door and chat in his own way until he gets tired. And it will reveal a part of his inner universe, where characters "are not real, they come from the mind." And who knows what is the truth? Truth is what comes from the heart. And in the life and art of this artist from São Jorge, it overflows in various colors, shapes, reflections and dimensions.


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