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Casa de Cultura Cavaleiro de Jorge

The mission of Casa de Cultura Cavaleiro de Jorge is to hold meetings that value sociobiodiversity, enabling the exchange of knowledge and practices. The Casa  was conceived within the savannah of the state of Goiás in 1997, in the district of São Jorge, an old town of prospectors, at the entrance to the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park. Cultural appreciation, strength, faith, joy, resistence and diversity are the values that promote the story of the Cavaleiro - as it is called by the community - erected in Toa stone walls, typical of the region, with the purpose of being a democratic space for  traditional folk culture demonstrations and a sustainable symbol  of the strengthening of expressions of cultural diversity.

In July 1998 and 1999, the Casa held two independent cultural festivals, relying only on the voluntary work of its members and the community. It was hard to imagine that both festivals would become the foundation of a much larger project, created in July 2001: the First Meeting of Traditional Cultures of Chapada dos Veadeiros Region. In order to gather traditional Brazilian cultural expressions, especially those of from the Chapada region, since then it has become a major annual music, dance and faith gathering.

From the meeting, new cultural projects began to flow. In 2003, Casa de Cultura established a partnership and became part of the dreams of the popular artist Doroty Marques, who created Turma Que Faz, a project that involves children and adolescents of the Chapada dos Veadeiros region which enables them to take part in educational, artistic, cultural, sports and environmental activities. In 2007, the Multiethnic Village (Aldeia Multiétnica) was set up, to provide experiences and integration with customs, traditions and ways of life of the indigenous groups of Brazil and the Americas. Likewise, the  Meeting of the Leaders of Quilombos from the state of Goiás held its first get together in 2012 and became part of the official agenda of the Meeting with the aim to bring together leaders of Quilombo communities of the state in the discussion of public policies aimed at  traditional people.

All year, the Casa de Cultura continues with specific socio-cultural activities such as lectures, training workshops, indigenous life style experiences in the village and religious celebrations of the popular calendar, such as the Semana de Jorge (“George’s Week”), named after the patron saint of the village, St. George. Minority groups who wish to expand their work and essence are always welcome, as are artists from all over Brazil. At weekends, the Cavaleiro also holds forró and other Brazilian rhythms Balls. It is the largest night time entertainment venue in the Chapada dos Veadeiros region.

The Casa de Cultura Cavaleiro de Jorge team is in constant contact with traditional communities that participate in the projects, in order to exchange information, to create new ideas, help out within its reach and document the cultural, social and historical practices of these people through stories, photos and videos which are uploaded onto its social networks and websites.


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Casa de Cultura Cavaleiro de Jorge
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